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Throughout history, real ruby earrings have been given as gifts for a number of different occasions. Because of their attractiveness and durable nature they are a rare combination of beauty and strength. Although some rubies are generally less expensive than diamonds, in some cases natural ruby earrings can be far more expensive than diamond earrings. Although diamond earrings are generally more sought after, the market for natural ruby earrings is still very large with an exponential rise in the number of buyers because of their popularity during recent times. A number of factors play a vital role in the pricing of real ruby earrings. The prime factors are the size and the cut of the stone. However, the most important factor when appraising real ruby earrings is the colour of stone. The deeper and more intense the colour of the stone the higher the price of the earring is going to be. The colour of the ruby is measured by using three different metrics. The hue, tone and saturation. Grading the colour of the stone on the colour spectrum is known as the hue. Although the primary colour is red, there is always a secondary colour in the stone as well which is usually pink, purple or in some cases, orange. The more the colour of the natural ruby earrings are towards red, the higher they will be priced. The tone of the real ruby earring also plays a vital role in pricing. In cases where the tone falls between medium and medium dark, the stone is considered the most valuable as compared to other shades. In some cases, where the tone drifts towards pink, the item may be considered as pink sapphire earrings.

Pink sapphire earrings

Pink sapphire earrings were considered quite rare and have now become increasingly popular after large deposits of pink sapphire were found in Madagascar in the 1990s. As they were found in a few rare locations, they were considered quite hard to get a hold of, making them quite expensive. Even compared with blue sapphire earrings, pink sapphire earrings are considered more expensive because of their rarity. Most cultures believe that pink sapphire earrings hold special powers. They are symbols of passionate love and show affection, trust and loyalty. Because of this, there has been a recent trend of pink sapphire engagement rings that is becoming quite common. It is important to note that buying a pink sapphire earring is less technical than buying a diamond earring. The four most important factors when evaluating this kind of jewellery are:

1. Cut

2. Carat

3. Clarity

4. Shape

With real diamond earrings there is a standard colour grading scale, pink sapphire earrings don’t have a common system. This makes it very difficult to evaluate their market price.

Opal earrings

Opal earrings are a highly prized possession because of their rarity and delicate nature. It cannot survive for long therefore it cannot be found in old structures or civilizations. For a number of years opal was thought to bring bad luck therefore real opal earrings were not easily obtained or sold for that matter. However, during recent times, this myth has lost popularity and opal earrings have become very popular. Unlike real diamond earrings, real opal earrings require a lot of care and maintenance because they can easily be damaged. Most stones do not last very long in spite of being very expensive. Opal earrings are often kept in humid places because dryness may cause the stone to crack. Real opal earrings should be kept in water so that their life can be substantially increased. Also, opal earring should not be kept in bank vaults because most of them use dehumidifiers that can decrease the life of the stone substantially. Although tanzanite earrings are very rare they are considerably cheap to buy as compared to real diamond earrings. It is considered to be 1000 times rarer than diamonds owing to the fact that it can only be found in a small part of the world. Given how difficult it is to find tanzanite, one could assume tanzanite earrings should have a premium price tag attached to it. However, it is very undervalued and sells far less than diamonds. When it comes to choosing the right colour, strong blue or intense purple are the right choices. However, long exposure to light can cause it to lose its colour therefore tanzanite earrings must be properly stored.

Real emerald earring

Real emerald earrings are also a highly sought after commodity owing to the fact that emeralds are highly priced and rare to find. They are generally green with a medium to dark hue. Real emerald earrings are very popular in the USA and Japan as both of them make up for 75 percent of global sales. Emeralds are meant to signify spring and romance. Associated with the goddess Venus, emeralds are also symbols of fertility and rebirth making real emerald earrings especially valuable among a number of females. When it comes to minimalistic designs, emerald stud earrings are a very popular choice. They are designed in such a way that stone is more pronounced and easily identifiable. Recently, it has been adorned by popular actors and actresses in Hollywood making them immensely popular in the local public. Emerald stud earrings usually have stones that have high shine and are more valuable than other stones of the same cadre. They are often considered night time jewellery to be worn mainly at parties. Emerald stud earrings are often very valuable and stored as prized possessions by different families.

Short Haired Earrings

Pulling off short haired earrings is not as hard as some people might think. All you need to do is to understand what direction of style you want to follow. Some may use a minimalistic approach towards short haired earrings, while others may use large earrings. The main purpose is to draw attention to the face. There are no specific rules for pulling off jewellery. It should all work as long as it makes you feel great. Doesn’t matter if it is short haired earrings, morganite earrings, angara earrings or even yellow sapphire earrings. As long as they make you feel great, you should understand that the mission has been accomplished. It is a great idea to match your jewellery with what you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing yellow sapphire earrings, it is a great idea to wear a yellow skirt. You can even work in stark contrasts by wearing something black or mixing the two together! Moreover, yellow is also considered very trendy so if you want to make a statement, yellow sapphire earrings are the way to go! If it is your own personal preference which gemstone and metal you want to use. For example, if you have an Eastern side to your personality, go with angara earrings. In the mood to showcase that European attire, pull off some morganite earrings. It all depends on how you feel your jewellery will show the world how you feel. Everything you wear is part of your personality. Fashion comes and goes with time but there are some pieces of jewellery that remain timeless. Both angara earring and morganite earrings are a part of that eternal timeline.

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