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Necklace for women is perhaps one of the earliest pieces of jewellery to be worn by women. They serve as symbols of wealth, status, social standing and symbols of beauty in different cultures. In some cultures, they are regarded as having supernatural powers. A tanzanite necklace, or a ruby necklace or even a blue sapphire necklace are often associated with supernormal phenomena. A blue sapphire necklace became popular with the huge success of the movie Titanic. A lot of people wanted to buy the necklace therefore, it caused a huge rise in demand leading to a huge rise in supply and price. Different companies now started holding the blue sapphire necklace to ensure none of the customers went home unsatisfied. A tanzanite necklace which has a dark blue colour is an extremely beautiful necklace which is worn and adored all over the world. It is a symbol of exquisite beauty and grace. A tanzanite necklace is more popular in the western world as compared to the eastern world owing to the fact that in the East, people prefer heavier jewellery. A globalised world and fluent cultures are now changing this and most people are switching to minimalist jewellery in the East as well.

Angara Necklace

Angara necklace, which is sourced from and native to Thailand and India holds value because it contains stories of a certain culture embedded in them. They are often associated with wealth and power when worn as a necklace of women in these cultures because most of them cannot be acquired by a huge majority of the people owing to the fact that they are very expensive. Angara necklace is most popularly given by mothers to their newly wed daughters and carried out for generations by families. They are cherished family possessions honouring long standing traditions in local cultures. Often angara necklace acts as a safety net to be used by families if they fall on hard times. They are traded for substantial sums of money to help get the family back on their feet.

Ruby Necklace

A ruby necklace is very popular as a necklace for women all over the world mainly because of the stone’s durable nature and traditional value. In most cultures, a ruby necklace signifies wealth and passion combined with strength. Looking from a historical perspective, ancient warriors originating from Burma and China have been known to wear a ruby necklace to gain protection from enemies in the battlefield. There have also been reported incidents in which some warriors went as far as to place the rubies in their own flesh believing it would give them power and invincibility. With time, the ruby became a symbol of undying love and personal commitment to each other during all times. Some believe that Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces should not wear rubies because they would act counter to the star’s properties. Like most gemstones, rubies are becoming more popular as choices of engagement rings or as a ruby pendant necklace. A ruby pendant necklace is considered a valuable item in almost all cultures. Named as the king of gemstones, it is valuable and durable. Owing to the hard nature of the stone, a ruby pendant necklace can be worn without the need to worry of it being damaged. In most cases, you do not need to take extreme care of the jewellery because the stone is not so easily damaged.

Emerald Pendant Necklace

An emerald pendant necklace is a very popular piece of jewellery adored by a number of people all over the world. They are very popular in the Western world due to their beauty and minimalistic presentation. An emerald pendant necklace can range anywhere from $1 a carat to %190,000 a carat. There are a number of different factors affecting the price of an emerald pendant necklace. These factors include the size, colour, carving and presentation of the stone. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians associated mystical powers with an emerald pendant necklace. They believed that it brought fertility and rebirth because the green colored stone was linked with the goddess Venus. For a long period in time, most people have believed that it brings good luck to the wearer. Some say that while wearing the stone a person’s arithmetic and reasoning abilities are raised substantially allowing exponential growth in one’s career. The abilities of the stone start kicking in within 1-2 months and last upto 3-4 years for the wearer. After that the stone becomes inactive and needs to be replaced. However, the stone is not for everyone. Some say that it may affect some people adversely and cause distress among relationships. It may put barriers between your parents and your in-laws and you might face some psychological issues such as paranoia, schizophrenia and depression.

Black Diamond Necklaces

Black diamond necklaces are one of the rarest pieces of jewellery on planet earth. Only about 1 out a 10,000 diamonds are colored and of these only a small portion are black. Because of the scarce nature of these naturally occurring diamonds, black diamond necklace are considered very valuable and often priced highly. Black diamonds have different cultural perceptions. In India, black diamonds are considered unlucky and evil because of the belief that their color represents the eye of a snake or the eye of a spider. From a religious perspective, a parable has also been adopted as Yama, the god of death. However, the belief in Italian culture is quite different. There, it is seen as a symbol of reconciliation and good luck. It was believed that couples who had come in contact with black diamonds would have great luck in their marital life and avoid any issues that might arise between them. Black diamonds used in black diamond necklaces are mainly found in Brazil and Central Africa. It is important to note here that these areas were connected with each other during historical times so the connection here is not just coincidental. In spite of being black, black diamond necklaces have a sparkling nature because of their shining and polished surfaces and are often looked on as rare pieces of jewelry that are valuable and rare.

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